About Trenton Morrissey


Trenton has worked in the real estate and land development sales industry for 14 years and has made over 1400 sales transactions. Over that time he has developed long term relationships with many clients becoming repeat buyers and investors. He prides himself on his professional yet relaxed communication style and ability to deliver ongoing solid results.

Trenton has developed and fine-tuned his sales skills to deal effectively with buyers and sellers in a comfortable manner, yielding the highest price for your home.

Trenton has acquired much sales experience dealing with a large cross section of cliental. Ranging from first homebuyers, to builders, second family homes to retiree’s looking for a downsizing option, Trenton is happy to relate and assist accordingly.

He has sold much broad acre land, many apartment and unit blocks, duplex, cottage and freestanding residential homes.

Trenton comes from a family of real estate expertise with Steve his father operating successfully in real estate business for the last 30 years. Steve’s caring advice and leadership has shaped Trenton into a passionate real estate professional.

Trenton’s interest, study and degree in communications, has allowed him to further understand people and effective communication techniques. Trenton is a committed family man married for 13 years with children aged 13 and 10.

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